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    Does anyone have ideas/suggestions for zen baby names?



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    Hi Alyssa,

    I’ve found here a list with names; just simple Googled, ha.
    Zen boy names

    • Pax or Paxton: Boy name of English origin that means, “from the peaceful farm”
    • Casimiro:  Spanish name meaning “peaceful”
    • Langundo: Native American name meaning “peaceful”
    • Shalom: Hebrew name meaning “peaceful”
    • Tormey: Irish name meaning “thunder spirit”
    • Frederico: Italian name meaning “peaceful ruler”
    • Caden: Welsh name meaning “spirit of battle”
    • Fritz: German name meaning “peaceful ruler”
    • Rinji:  Japanese name meaning “peaceful forest”
    • Geoffrey:  English name meaning “peaceful”
    • Hubbard: German name meaning “graceful”
    • Tully: Gaelic name meaning “peaceful”

    Zen girl names

    • Tullia: Irish name meaning “peaceful”
    • Winifred: German name meaning “peaceful friend”
    • Frederica: German name meaning “peaceful ruler”
    • Enid: Celtic name meaning “spirit”
    • Frieda: English name meaning “peaceful ruler”
    • Fredda: German name meaning “peaceful ruler”
    • Chana: Hebrew name meaning “graceful”
    • Engracia: Spanish name meaning “graceful”
    • Ethna: Irish name meaning “graceful”
    • Keavy: Irish name meaning “graceful”
    • Kachina: Native American name that means “spirit”


    • Peace
    • Love
    • Harmony
    • Grace
    • Faith
    • Hope
    • Honor
    • Omari
    • Zena
    • Justice
    • Sunny
    • Frida
    • Luna
    • Salem
    • Selyf
    • Geoffrey
    • Erin
    • Casimir


    My favourites are:

    – Good luck!

    x Danielle


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    Hi there!
    Casimir(o) instantly reminded me of the Soviet comedy “My husband is an alien” where was the main character named Kozimir Ivanovich Kukareka (last name sound something like “Cock-a-doodle-doo” in translation). Very funny. Please, no offense, just an association 😉
    Fritzs in pre- and post-war Russia called all the fascists, without even thinking about such a wonderful meaning of this name..
    Do not be attached to the meaning of names, they are also invented by people, as well as the names themselves. For whom that name means one thing, and for another person it means absolutely the opposite. Give the child a name that you would like to call the most beloved person. I still really like the name Daniel or Danielle, maybe this will be the name of my third child 🙂 I want to think that the Universe gives each newborn its own unique name, for which we do not yet know the words or letters on Earth.

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